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Mongolian Herder Kids

Mongolian Herder Kids

Mongolian Outdoor Travel Style Defined

Mongolian Outdoor Travel offers adventures that explore Mongolia’s hidden treasures.  Imagine traveling throughout the countryside with a mobile ger that goes anywhere!  Discover must-see sites from a different point of view combined with overland activities that deliver elements of cultural interaction and wild life spotting.  We provide ATV riding, trekking and camel back riding for excursions to hidden beauties that most visitors never see. 

While you discover the majesty of the Mongolian steppe from a unique perspective, our experienced guides will escort you to remarkable places that are not included in standard travel brochures.  You will be immersed in the natural beauty and irreplaceable culture of the Mongolian people.  

Mobile ger accommodations give you the luxury for your vacation of a lifetime. Luxury travel has to be private – so we provide working showers and WC facilities in secluded environments amidst the most primitive beauty on the planet!  Our mobile gers give you the best of both worlds.  Explore remote corners of Mongolia while you relax in luxury.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that other companies do not have the ability to offer and we provide this in the Mongolian Outdoor Travel way!

Expertise Guides

Traveling with us you'll get to know the surroundings intimately. You'll plunge into the local culture, history and life style. Our guides are photographers, historians, mountaineers, biologists, a Buddhist monk and art lecturers – all passionate about the love of Mongolia’s past! Follow them off the beaten path and you'll discover the unexpected.  

Waiting for you is a world of truth and beauty that is not in any guidebook!