Two faces of Altai Mountains

Exploration of entire Altai Region, Russia & Mongolia
Dates: Customizable

Two Faces of Altai Mountain explores two sides of Altai Mountains with spectacular sceneries, from glacier valleys, riverine forests, for some of Altai’s oldest, famous historical sites that exists in Mongolia and Russia. We’ve lead very best off-road experts to lead our small group trips, which explore two particularly sides of Altai, and carefully chosen delightful camps perfectly in tune with the time of year.  And we spend time , a remote, grandly gorgeous sites in Russian Altai side, with motor boat trips and the chance to see water falls and lake Teletskoye. In the first leg of trip, after driving in steppes a few days in the Mongolia we have special visit to Kazakh Eagle Hunters. Then we across the border of Russia-Mongolia into the heart of Russian Altai by your private jeep to see traces of ancient Turkic culture and travel along famous Chuisky tract.


-Entire Altai Mountains /exploring highlights of Russian and Mongolian sides

-Riding with Kazakh Eagle Hunters

-Local museum treasures such as "Ukok princess"

-Famous Chuisky tract /one of ten known mountain roads of the world

-Teletskoye Lake

-Ancient tombs, burial mounds

-Ethnic groups of Altai region such as Kazakhs, Telengits, Tuvans, Altai people

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