Altai Mountain is a fascinating shelter of spectacular nature, ancient but well-preserved petroglyph sites, burial mounds including enormous Tsagaan Salaa and Biluut carvings. Both of the sites are under UNESCO’s world heritage status, In the country's the westernmost tip you can experience the ancient collection of different petroglyphs created in various period. On the sites, you can relax in private gers for dining and lecture, group discussions , walking in through ancient petroglyphs , and enjoy private guided tour associated with local scientist from Mongolian Academy of Science. Then there are several “bal-bal stone man statue, erected in time-honored traditions of funeral. A only 3 hour plane ride away is Bayan-Ulgi , where you can explore the all hidden petroglyphs and burial mounds of Altai Mountain with expertise.


·      World’s largest petroglyph sites by it's area and numbers 

·      Meeting with Tuvan Shamans

·      On site interpretation by Mongolian scientist

·      Get off the beaten path, crowded ger camps

·      Folk music

·      Meeting different ethnic groups such as Kazakh Eagle Hunters, Tuvan Shamans

·      Daily walks in with comfortable pace in ancient field galleries

·      Daily comfortable walk lasts 3-6 hours, no challenging steep ups and downs

·      View of highest peaks of country including Altai Tavan Bogd peaks, Tsengel Khairkhan etc

·      Alpine Lakes such as Hoton and Hurgan

·      No altitude problem

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