Mongolian Travel Outdoor is Mongolian company was established by Mongols who is willing to  share stunning beauties of their country as of personal and individualised service level. Our innovative journeys extended  to habitat of snow leopard, home of eagle hunters, horseman to camel herder's area and onward with combination of activities such as vintage URAL motorbikes, Horseback riding, ATV rides, challenging hikes supported by camels. 


Baatarnyam Navaansharav (Baagi), born and raised in Mongolia, avid traveler and professional travel expert now specializes hiking, horse back journeys Mongolian Outdoor Travel's in addition to handling daily operations. He fell in love with snow leopard at first sight and has made it his specialty for the last 5 years. He has participated in three snow leopard collaring expedition in the western Mongolia. Baatar has a great interest in the photography, history, kayaking, motor-biking.  Baatar led a number of expeditions into Mongolian backcountry since 1999 and his love for nature and respect for the mountains are extraordinary.

Chinzorig (Chinzo) Chuluunbaatar is professional fixer born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia who has worked on numerous international films, journalism and photo projects with world wide known agencies since 2001. Chinzo is fluent in English, Russian and a spoken Spanish. Adventurist, world traveller, amateur photographer and likes to spend his time on off-roading or motorbiking.

Khasar (Has) Sandag is a photographer with passion in people photography who has thorough local knowledge and has worked in various sectors of the country from state run to private and multi-national. Khasar is fluent in English, Russian and has spoken Japanese. Khasar likes to spend his time traveling, trekking and off-roading while searching for the beautiful environmental portraits in remote corners of the world.