Multi-Sport activities in Central Mongolia

ATV riding, off-roading, horse back riding ,optional motor-biking

Dates 2019: June 8-14,  June 20-16, July 7-13 (with Naadam Festival), August 10-16


•   Experience the beauty and wilderness of the Central Mongolia on a one-of-a kind journey paced        by race style and navigational rally

•   Scenic horse back ride in secluded valley of Arzat Ulaan, sample ride of Bactrian camel

•   Staying in nomad families

•   Buddhist Monastery built in 16-th Century

•   Ancient tombs

•   Wilderness overland

•   Private ger camp

•   Ruins of Chingis Khan’s capital Kharkhorin

•   Interaction with locals and witnessing  a horse racing competition of local kids

With its many wilderness off road trails, mountains, river, and open steppes with ancient stone monuments, and steppes of Mongolia is an active traveler’s dream. Our itinerary is specifically designed to let you experiences of combo-activities this region has to offer, but at a pace of navigational rally type that lets you fully enjoy your surroundings with some fun race experience interaction of Buddhist monks, nomad horseman, local drivers. Your one-of-a-kind journey begins in Ulaanbaatar, where you’ll enjoy overland towards secluded upper Tuul river. You’ll take a horse back riding in valleys of Arzat Ulaan Mountain and hike in ruins of ancient capital of Kharkhorin. But you’ll also have the chance to unwind at our exclusive gers , encounter to warm hospitality of nomads Experience the singular beauty and true essence of the Mongolia, as only our expert, local guide can show it to you.

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