Watching Snow Leopard !

                                      Dates of 2018 : April 3-13, November 5-15

Mongolian Outdoor Travel The offers 11 days unique opportunity to see elusive snow leopard and discover Altai Mountain’s natural surroundings such as Har Us Lake and rare Saiga Antelope etc, we provide the most possible comforts in 3000meter isolated mountains and provide scientific information by local WWF rangers, during a trip there will be many opportunity to interact with local Nomads and kids eco club and learn about their effort to conserving nature. Our objective is to adhere to responsible tourism guidelines, eco-tourism and the emphasison the conservation and welfare of this magnificent animal.  Educational adventure !


  • To see rare snow leopard

  • Folk music, throat singing 

  • Wild life observing such as Ibex, Saiga Antelope, Argali sheep etc

  • Interaction with local herders 

  • Scientific information by local researchers

Detailed itinerary and price


                                                                        Panoramic view of Altai Mountains photo by Uilsee Togol   

                                                                       Panoramic view of Altai Mountains photo by Uilsee Togol   

                                      Snow Leopards at Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain photo by WWF Mongolia